Hi Everyone,

My name is Mark and I am just an ordinary guy from Australia on a journey of learning to become a better dad.

In case you are wondering, I make my living in the Software Development industry and my wonderful wife and I have a little girl (currently not so little anymore) who is an absolute joy.

While I am acutely aware that I am far from being a great dad, I will and I should keep trying. I want my daughter to know that I will always be her ‘best friend’ and that I will be there no matter what. I want her to be able to come to me and share her thoughts frankly with me and vice-versa.

There are many dads out there … and I hope we can all learn something together.

Just thought you might want to know that I do believe that the greatest manual ever written of becoming a better dad, a better husband, or just a better man can be found in the bible.