3 Lessons to learn from Wall.E for kids



I have just watched Wall.E with J. You probably agree with me that it is both difficult and rare to find a good movie with great values these days.

Teaching lasting principles and big concepts to little minds is not easy. Hence, using animated films as teaching aids is a great idea. Whenever we find a movie that captures the imagination of our children, we should use it as a basis for discussion and teaching.

I wholeheartedly congratulate the folks at Disney and Pixar for creating a superb film filled with subtle but positive messages for children and adults alike.

I am going to list 3 quick lessons that I have learnt from the film and you go make your own judgments. (OK,  I may be over-stretching things a wee bit). However, if you think this will in some way jeopardize your fun of watching the film for yourself, feel free to stop reading now.


3 Lessons Wall.E teaches kids


1. Shun Excessive love of ease 
Imagine a world where humans did not have to work or even lift a finger to do anything at all. Humans become so conditioned by years of laziness and lethargy that we are reduced to mere liquid-food-gulping blobs.

Cool? I think not.

We humans are designed for meaningful work and we so need to teach our kids from a young age to respect the value of work. Unless one is incapable of working due to being physically challenged, one should work to support himself and our dependents.

Let our kids understand this from young and I believe it will go a long way to form healthy attitudes towards work and responsibility.

2. Life has meaning ONLY when we begin to focus on relationships
I love the way that the animation guys and gals have set up the opening minutes showing how mundane Wall.E’s life was.

Yes I know, I know, can’t use the word life cause he (it?) is technically a robot. But you get the drift.

All Wall.E knew was to spend the better part of daylight crushing wastes into junk cubes. He knew nothing outside of work.

Sounds familiar, busy dads?

All that mundane and meaningless existence changed when Wall.E, the mobile trash compactor, found EVE the vegetation evaluator. It is all about relationships and how we build and protec them.

Our children need to know the value of relationships far above all material achievements. And they learn that from us by experience and imitation.

3. Don’t just sit around when there is a problem
There was a problem in the bridge and the captain was too weak to do anything.

One of the most memorable lines from the film was when the captain proclaimed ‘We just sit around, that’s what we do all the time’.

A very important mindset that we can inculcate in our young ones is the courage to face problems and look for a solutions on their own.

We cannot and should not solve every single issue and setback for them. Their spirit and mental strength needs exercising every now and then. There will come a time when they will have to be on their own. Better to prepare them now.

Alright then. Go enjoy the film with your kids and tell me what you think. I would love to hear your comments.