Slow down if you want to be a Better Dad

Slow Down if You Want to be a Better DadThe pace of our lives today seem to be embodied in the words *instant*, *fast*, *express*. Weird as it seems, a big part of this phenomena has been perpetuated by technology and especially the Internet (don’t get me wrong I use and I like the Internet). More than ever, we want everything NOW. We are always in a rush.

Just look around us.

We are used to and expect Fast Food of every taste, shape and kind. We have Instant Noodles, Instant Coffee/Tea, all forms of Instant Recipe. Many of us do not have time for proper lunches and we rush through our meals. Bet you the cows are laughing at us as they chew leisurely on their delicious grass without a care in the world.

We communicate via Instant Messaging cos e-mail is just not fast and responsive enough. The unfortunate ones amongst us are arm-twisted by our companies to carry BlackBerry devices so that we can virtually be Always contacted and working. Have you been asked by a colleague at work why you had not replied to an e-mail that he/she sent 5 minutes ago?

We have fast lanes on our roads, express checkouts in supermarkets, 5-minute haircut (maybe it was 3?). OK a bit of exaggeration here. Many of our teenagers drive at such reckless speeds without caring 2 hoots about endangering the lives of others. Society shouts : Slow = Weak.

If you are like me, you would be constantly and daily rushing from one place to another and there never seems to be enough time for anything. I get so wound up for prolonged periods that the first 3 days of every vacation would be spent trying to get the “busy-ness” out of my mind. I am sure you have secretly wished at times for a 30-hour day!

Guess which values get thrown out of the window as a result of all these?

Patience, compassion and self-control.

Has the world become a far better place because of our ultra fast-paced society? I doubt so. Sure, our ‘fast-ness’ has brought about tremendous benefits but I think it has also become far more unforgiving, selfish and intolerant.

If J is constantly seeing her dad getting irritated easily , wanting instant gratification all the time, getting impatient with those who are in any aspects slower, what chance have I got to be a positive and good role model? Zilch.

I need to slow down. I want to be a better dad. What about you?