Build Lasting Memories With Your Kids

Build Lasting Memories With Your KidsIt will be Father’s Day in Australia in another week (First Sunday of September to be exact) and like many parts of the world, families, children usually with a little prompting from mom would make it a point to celebrate the occasion for dad. It is in some sense a way for the family to say “Thank you dad!” and to remember the many great memories shared as a family. Children have a knack of remembering things and they sure have way better memory than us. But sort of memories are you and I leaving behind? 10 years from now, is there anything worth remembering about you and I as a father?

I for one cannot really recall much of my dad, except that he gave us food and shelter. From childhood to adulthood, I could easily count with my ten fingers the number of times that I had the opportunity to spend more than an hour’s time with him. He was never around. I never had a man to look up to as I transitioned through my teen-age years into a young adult. I never had someone who could advise me on issues about life, about values, about aspirations, about career choices. In short, I cannot remember anything worth remembering about my dad. He felt somewhat like a stranger most times to me. It is sad, but true.

The world we live in exerts a ridiculous amount of pressure on us to make a living. For some, it will be more of a career goal that dictates much of our lives. I just patted J to sleep before writing this post and it is still something I enjoy doing even though she is already 12. As I sense her drifting into deep sleep, I just wondered ‘Have I been a better dad than my father?’. Have I avoided the traps of being an ‘unavailable’ dad?

Here are 4 questions worth asking yourself

  1. When was the last most enjoyable family trip in your child’s eyes?
  2. When was the last time the whole family had a good laugh over something silly?
  3. When was the last time you surprised your child with something that would make him or her really proud of having you as a dad?
  4. When was the last time you participated in your child’s life in school, play and home?

To all dads in Australia, Happy Father’s Day!