Are you a hero, dad?

Are you a hero, dadHave you ever wondered why there are so many comic book characters about heroes and their colossal battle against evil? Probably every culture has a tale or 2 of great men (and women, but since we are a site about dads …) who did great things for the good of the common people. People hunger in general for greatness and for one who will champion their cause, and make right what is perceived as wrong. Want prove? Just look at Barack Obama and the way he won the US elections!

Most dads I know can’t scale walls like Spiderman or possess world-rescuing skills like Superman. None have even a fraction of the telepathic genius of Professor Xavier. Yet I believe we have in each one of us the capacity to do good for our children and our family and be the hero of the home. It is in the mundane moments of each day that each dad can put a drop of fragrance into the bottle of  family goodness.

I know many dads hate their day jobs! Yet I know many still grit their teeth and persevere on, motivated by the thought of providing for loved ones. I have seen dads taking on extra work in order to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of a son or daughter. I know of dads who changed their lifestyle to be good role models for their kids, not an easy thing to do.

(I am the cockroach exterminator of the home, by the way. When J was much younger, I use to wow her with my fearlessness in dealing with those insects!)

A little word of encouragement dished out, a genuine concern shown, a willingness to shoulder responsibility, an element of humility to admit that we can be wrong, a spirit of self-sacrifice. Let’s bring these ingredients back into our fatherhood. Our homes need a local hero.

Admittedly, there are no evil characters to exterminate on the home-front. But can you be a hero, dad? Yes you can!